Our Team

  • We have a dedicated team of experts from Management, Human Resource and Psychology background who are experienced at understanding Organizational Culture, Needs & Structure.
  • With their expertise, we try to meet our client's demands with our candidates' potential and ability, where both the parties can reach their perfect matches in terms of quality and efficacy.
  • Our team is also equipped with experts from the diversified fields of Finance, Export and International marketing, I.T. and Engineering who, with there expertise and experience can filter the talents and amicably lead to 'Best Selection' in their respective fields.

Corporate Counseling: For Organizational &
Employee Benefits / Attitude management

Corporate Counseling is undertaken with the dual purpose of Organizational Benefits and Employee Benefits. The process involves Attitude Management or change in Attitude of Employee and workers.

Key topics in Corporate Developmental Programs include;

  • Personal Development

  • Assertiveness

  • Goal Setting Skills

  • Managerial Effectiveness

  • Stress management

  • Time Management

  • Conflict Resolution

  • General life Skills

  • Effective Communication

  • Spill Over Effect' between work & family

  • Organizational Excellence

  • Dual Role Stress for Working Women

  • Work Involvement

We help the Organizations

  • In the selection of Human Resources 'The Right Person' as per their specific requirement through our Assessment Services.

  • Training the employees to be;
    Effective Resources for the Organization
    Maintain and Develop Healthy Organizational Climate & Culture
    Develop Managerial Skills such as
    Team Building, Leadership Qualities, Conflict resolution,
    Delegation of Work, Reducing Work Stress etc.